Products - Eyeglass Frames and Contact Lenses Mississauga

We carry all the best brands and exclusive frames only available in store. Meadowvale Optometry not only has got the comprehensive eye examination and detection for the entire family but it offers a wide range of products to the patients and others. The products offered here are:

  1. Eyewear frames and glasses
  2. Contact lenses
  3. Re-order contact lenses

Eyewear Frames and Glasses Mississauga

At Meadowvale Optometry, no compromise is done with the quality of the eyewear. The frames and glasses offered here are from the best houses. A proper eyewear frame is not only very important aspect for your vision correction but it becomes a part and parcel of the daily appearance of the wearer. One can get designer frames for the different types of sunglasses here at this optometry. The glasses and frames on use must reflect the personality and the image of the wearer. Each of the products comes with full warranty. The staff members are here to help the customers to select the most suitable frame design, size and shape at the most affordable price. The frames from the renowned brands like - Gucci, Guess, Vogue, Prada, Adida, Ray Ban , Polaroid, Von zipper, David Green, Dolce and Gabbana and others are available here.

The glasses are also from the best companies that are resistant to wear and tear, scratches and thus users can use them for years getting the best return of the money they invest for their eye wear. A good quality glass and the appropriate frame are very important when it comes to vision correction or taking care of the eyes properly. For the children, durable and light eyewear is available so that they do not get damaged very easily. The problems of each patient and their eyewear are taken care of well by our people working here.

Contact Lenses Mississauga

Contact lens fittings are done with great care by our people. Free after care service is offered as we understand at any cost the customer's eye heath could not be compromises. A huge stock of contact lens brands, solutions for cleaning and sterilizing contact lens and counter eye drops are available here. The contact lens brands are- Cooper Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Refresh, Optive, Ciba Vision, Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb.

Contact Lens Reorder

It is possible to place contact lens reorder using the online services. You can pick up your consignment from our location or it could be delivered at your door step depending on the choice you provide in the online order form.