Ocular Ailments

Taking care of eyes is very important and the entire process of eye care has improved a lot over few years because much technical advancement has happened. Now eye care specialists can assess any eye problem very easily and the treatment and cure is highly possible. Some of the eye ailments are listed here:


The eyes become cloudy and become impaired over the period of time thus needs surgical intervention. The most common way the cataract is treated nowadays is to replace the lens of the eye with an artificial lens so that cloudiness of the eyes gets removed. The lens could be created in such a manner that they are used as bi-focal and tri-focal lenses as per the patient’s requirement.

Macular Degeneration

This particular problem is responsible for vision loss in people who are more than 50 years old. In this particular problem , a blood vessel of the eye bursts and the other remains gets deposited in the eye thus 80% of the vision gets blocked up. This problem of damaged blood vessel could be rectified by using laser surgery and the remains within the eyes could be reduced by giving vitamin and other required supplements.

Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery is helpful in curing astigmatism, farsightedness or nearsightedness of the eyes. This method is not applicable for everyone. It is used for the people who are 30 years of age or more so that they need not use the contact lenses or glasses.


Excessive fluid is there inside the eyes thus affecting the peripheral vision of the eyes. In most of cases people visit the optometrists very late so they have permanent loss of vision.

It is important to visit the optometrists from time to time in order to get the eye problems diagnosed in time and accurately.

Easier Diagnosis

We aim at faster and easier detection and treatment of different ocular ailments. We use state of the art technology and our team is able to diagnose the ailments quickly and accurately and could analyze every aspect of eyes. You must make an appointment immediately to get the diagnosis done.