Children’s Eye Exam Mississauga

Special Care for Children’s Eye Exam Mississauga

We should always take care of the children’s health properly. Children are given regular vaccinations as per the schedule. We, parents, are particular about providing the right immunization to our children and we even take our children to the dentist to have their oral health checked and maintained. But do we actually pay the same attention when it comes to the eye care of our children.

Vital To Take Care Of Our Children’s Eyes

It is important to take care of our children’s eyes like we take care of their other health problems so that they have an overall well-being and have proper growth. Many parents are apprehensive about taking their children for the first eye examination but there is actually nothing to worry about it. The thought that worries the parents is what if my child has got a vision problem or what if some serious eye problem gets detected during the examination.

A child should be taken for eye examination when he or she is six months old. The studies have revealed that about 10 per cent of the children who are in their pre-school age or are very young have problems with their vision and that needs to be corrected. As very young children find it difficult to understand or convey any problem regarding their vision, it is important that parents take them for regular visits for examination of their eyes.

Regular Eye Examination Is Important

Any renowned ophthalmologists must be chosen by the parents to take their child for regular eye examination. They will have proper equipments to check if the child has got any problems regarding their vision. Basically the ophthalmologist or optometrist will perform complete eye checkup for the child. These tests include:

  • Eye movement
  • Focus
  • Detection of periphery
  • Getting the perception of near and far distan